Sunday, January 31, 2010

Philadelphia Sketch Club Drawings

Here are two drawings recently done at the Philadelphia Sketch Club. Each drawing was done during a three-hour drawing session. At the beginning of the session, everyone sketches 5 different poses are performed at 4 minutes each. One pose is chosen after this 20 minute period. Then the model repeats the chosen pose for about 3 hours -- twenty minutes in pose with ten minute breaks in between. The ten minute breaks are just as important a time for me to draw; it is during this time that I can clean up or refine the section I had just drawn it.
As I begin these drawings, I am trying to see what I don't have to draw. Not drawing in such things like the tall candle stick, the woman's hair, or the man's shoulder in a shadow on his right side creates a more dramatic effect. Plus, it's make it easier to complete the drawing within the three hours. Both reasons are equally important!

1 comment:

  1. As always, these are gorgeous! I love the way you've used negative space to portray the candlestick and give the shadows on the man a foreboding quality. Well done!