Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Learning Corel Painter 2015

My first attempt to create "something" in Corel Painter. With only 10 minutes of watching video tutorials and playing around with the program I dived into the program trying to create a painting. I struggled with understanding the dynamics of the paintbrushes and was really lost on why the paintbrush would keep it's "dirty color." Obviously, making it very challenging to paint since I did not know what color my brush mixed into or how to "clean the brush." Furthermore, I naively expected Corel Painter to have similar keyboard shortcuts and tools than Photoshop.

Please note that these are not a complaints,  just observed reactions and part of my learning "as I go" process.

A detail of the concluded effort on the head of the cherub.

This old master drawing was my guide while painting the sketch.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Ink Sketch of a Woman

Often times, it is the unfinished areas of art that can be just as fascinating as the finished areas. I can see the foot on the left side of the drawing being drawn in 3 attempts. The first time is very loose and quickly abandoned, the second effort is higher up than the third and final time, extending her leg to accentuate the foreshortened pose.
Detail of Sketch of a Nude Woman
I did not intend to leave this area of the drawing unfinished, but I am sure glad it is.
Ballpoint Pen on Paper