Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sketchbook + Pencil + Imagination =

A common complaint artists criticize themselves for is not drawing enough. (aka sketching or doodling) With iphones, you tube, facebook, emails and TV programming available 24-7, it is harder than ever to make time to experiment, explore, and enjoy the simple act of creating, whatever. Much less, devote the many hours required to make a well crafted image, whether it be a painting, drawing or digital illustration.

Every art teacher, art book, and successful artist praise or passionately demand that every creative person sketches at anytime possible. There isn't an easier opportunity for artist to record ideas, document one's surroundings, experiment with art supplies and techniques with little pressure to create the master piece so many of us aspire to. Just draw...for fun.

So, when should one sketch? How can one find the TIME to sketch? Well, a close friend keeps a 1 inch by 1 inch sketch book in his pants pocket at all times and draws while on the train going to work or while in the theatre, during the 10-15 min wait before the movie starts or the many other random times he find himself just hanging around. Another artist I read about, keeps a sketch book in the bathroom with the philosophy that ideas come at the most "unusual" times.

Currenly, I have three sketch books in use. Two, I keep in my backpack, which I carry 90% of the time, away from the studio. The third sketchbook is kept on the coffee table. Below, are some samples from the coffee table sketch book. These examples were usually done during those times I'm in front of the TV not really watching the program, but not feeling like doing anything else. All pages but the one with my cat, Phoebe, were done freehand. No photos or reference objects were used. Only my imagination.


  1. Love the Phoebe drawing. Also, it would appear you also have a red pen on your coffee table as well? Thanks for the shout out my current pocket sketchbook measures 2 inches by 3 inches. I filled the other one and might make it an ashcan.

  2. Great stuff Kyle. I, too, keep a large coffee table sketchbook in addition to my "travel" sketchbooks. Love Phoebe (kitteh!) Also really like the lady to the right of her. Great stuff!