Saturday, January 2, 2010

First blog entry!


Welcome to my first blog entry...ever. Let me introduce myself, I'm Kyle...Kyle Margiotta. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. I have known that I wanted to be an artist since I was in the fourth grade during a summer at the Fairmount Art Camp. As a kid, I was always sent to after-school classes and summer class for everything, from sports to crafts. Drawing and Painting was the only thing that I never stopped doing.

Many years later, after receiving a degree in Illustration at the University of the Arts in PA, I have created works for the commercial field, but primarily for the gallery scene.
The drawing above was done during a 3 hour session at the historical Philadelphia Sketch Club.


  1. Love these white on black drawings. Beautiful!

  2. All right! Good to see a white on black piece. What materials do you use? Paper, color pencils and so forth! Look for my blog soon, New Year's resolution as well! Awesome!

  3. The paper: Canson mi-teintes (black)
    I like the option of using either the rough side or smooth side. Yes! It has two side.

    Pencil: White chalk pencil. It says on the pencil "White Charcoal" But, it's not. Nothing I know of chars into white.

    I always have at least 10 white pencils sharpened and ready to go.

    A kneaded eraser and one stick of really good white pastel for the really bright whites.

  4. Kyle, so good to see you online now! Hoping next is an updated website?!! ;-)