Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Precious Shoes

    While I was living in Spain, in 1998, I put myself on a very strict budget. Not because I was poor, but because I just wanted to see how good of a life I could have spending the minimum. I made many interesting friends in Spain and we were not interested in spending lavishly. So there I was walking everywhere I wanted to go. Just using the few clothes, art supplies, and my one pair of shoes I brought from the US.
    Well, two weeks before I was to return to the US, the front-bottom of my shoes had separated from the top leather, exposing my toes and making a slapping sound every time I took a step. I should have gotten a new pair of shoes. I had more than enough money saved. But I was in such a “budget” mindset that I refused and simply brought some shoe-goo and glued it up as best as I could. I retired the shoes when I returned the US. They served me well. I still couldn’t throw them away. They are safely stored away.


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