Saturday, March 9, 2013

South Terminal, Boston, MA

    Back in 2004, I was in the Boston Terminal waiting for a bus to take me up to Boothbay, Maine. I left from Philadelphia at 11:00 PM the night before and got into Boston at 8:00 AM. My bus to Maine was not until 2:00 PM. This was a long trip. I had two suitcases and limited funds, so exploring Boston to pass the time was not an option. I was miserable, down on my luck and bored. But, as miserable as I was, I did feel fortunate that I was safe and warm inside from the blistering wind and below zero temperature outside. So, I sat on a bench in front of the staircase leading down to the trains and watched people come and go. To my right was this hobo resting in the warmth of the building, not bothering or begging anyone for a little change. He looked weathered, tired and probably had it a lot worse than I did. There was a sad beauty in this moment of solitude. It was a good thing I drew this sketch quickly, for at 9:00 AM security walked around and kicked him and anyone else out the building who didn’t have a train or bus ticket.

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