Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mother and Her New Born Baby

This recent commission was completed as a Mother's Day gift.
The under-painting/over-painting techniques was used to complete this oil painting.

Oil on Wood, 9" x 11"
 This technique was invented during the Renaissance era and is still taught in art schools today.

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On top of the stained (thinned down Van Dyke brown) primed surface an under-painting of just one color (Van Dyke brown) and white to used to render all of the lights and darks.
After the under-painting has dried. Certain areas of the painting will get a transparent coat of color such as the Mother's right arm (left side of painting) and the cloth in the background.
The areas illuminated with light or areas desired to stand out more (the baby's clothing) are coated with opaque paint. This careful play of opaque and transparent colors through out the painting will help to enhance the composition.

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  1. This is quite exquisite and tender, it really draws you in both to the baby's portrait, the expression and with the curve of cloth and right hand, the mother's protective love.