Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Homemade ink!

I received this jar of homemade ink from a great friend,
Chris "Patch".

He made it from the walnuts that fell off the walnut trees in his neighborhood, Chestnut Hill, PA.
Check out his blog posting on how he made the ink at:

You know it's good stuff, if it has mold growing in it!
(Footnote: I really don't know if mold makes for superior ink.)
My first attempt drawing with the ink. I attempted a loose drawing with bold washes. I achieved some unique effects, but I got too aggressive with the amount of ink I laid down and it got to be a little too unpredictable how dark the wash would dry. So I abandoned the drawing.

I had better luck with my second drawing. Worked much slower. Used a more controlled application and embraced the attempt to achieve realism. I pulled out my quill pen to achieve the fine lines in the fur.


  1. This is awesome buddy. Love the last piece, pretty frickin' incredible. The fur is gorgeous.

  2. Cool stuff. Leave it to Chris to make ink that has mold growing in it! LOL!

    Love the fur detail. Hey, you should add a feedburner sign up so followers can get your posts in their email. Just a suggestion (from someone who wants to get each post but won't remember to check back ;-)

    Brittany (same as UArts Brittany)

  3. Thanks you, Brittany, for the suggestion!

    Feedburner...now included.