Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I will draw for food

It's not unusual for me to vacation alone. It doesn't bother me one bit. In fact, I commonly become more social and speak with complete strangers. I will also find myself happy to be dining alone with a sketch book and pen and draw my surroundings as I wait for my meal. Don't misinterpret what I write, I love people and hanging out with friends and my loved one, but I am just as content being alone with my thoughts and some art supplies.Left: A local restaurant in West Chester, PA called Penn's Table. A stack of highchairs and a view outside.
Center: Drawn during my first visit to Madrid, Spain. I enjoyed my meal so much that I returned to eat for three more consecutive days. The food and service was so good that I didn't understand why I was the only customer there. I eventually found out they had only been open for three months.
Right: Drawn during a visit to Kansas City, MO. Wherever I visit I always try to find a good place for breakfast. I knew I couldn't go wrong with a restaurant named "Simply Breakfast."
Left: During a visit to Chicago, I fortunately discovered this great genuine diner that probably hasn't changed in decades. I got up so early that I had a lot of time to kill before the Art Museum opened. Therefore, I invested more time to create this drawing.
Right: Drawn on Madrid, Spain during my recent visit. I love the broken bread I had been snacking on as well as the salt and pepper tray drawn on the page. The taller bottles are for Olive Oil and Vinegar. The only salad dressing available in the majority of Spain.


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  2. Dude, when I first read this post I thought that I would see a pic of you out on the streets of West Chester with a sign written on canvas board "Will Draw for Food" in smudged charcoal. Love seeing the sketchbook stuff. Would really like to see some more sketches from your travels abroad.